Fall 2018 Pet Therapy Dates

Times and dates are subject to change. Please check back throughout the semester to see when the dogs will be visiting the office.

Wednesday Sept. 5th 4-7pm
Tuesday Sept. 11th 2-5pm
Wednesday Sept. 19th 4-7pm
Tuesday Sept. 25th 2-5pm
Wednesday Oct. 3rd 4-7pm
Tuesday Oct. 9th 2-5pm
Wednesday Oct. 17th 4-7pm
Tuesday Oct. 23rd 2-5pm
Wednesday Oct. 31st 4-7pm
Tuesday Nov. 6th 2-5pm
Wednesday Nov. 14th 4-7pm
Tuesday Nov. 27th 2-5pm 
Wednesday Dec. 5th 4-7pm

Pet Therapy is provided on a volunteer basis. The Health Education Office cannot guarantee that dogs will be present the entire time. The Health Education Office will do it's best to notify students via social media if there are any cancellations.